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Click HERE to contact Alan and design a net together.

Due to the custom and individual nature of each MO net, prices will vary from piece to piece.  The woods used come from all over the world and vary in cost, however, the majority of cost involved comes in the craft and  expertise it takes to work with such woods and to create such a project.  If you have a piece of wood you would like me to use for a handle, we can definitely discuss it.


To give an idea of fees:


A small, stream net, which measures anywhere from 18-24 inches long, can range from $350-$450. 

A pontoon boat net, or steelhead net, measuring approximately 36 inches long, can range from $450-$650.

And a drift boat net, which measures 5 feet long will range from $800-$1,000.


"Why the rubber net?"  This is much gentler on the fish and tangles less with fishing line and flies.  You can request a black nylon bag as well, especially if you prefer it for a display piece.


Accessories and personalization fees may be, but are not necessarily included in these prices.  These prices do include shipping to the lower 48 states.  Please call to chat about what you have in mind. Let's create a masterpiece together.

MO nets

G     R     E     A     T        F     A     L     L     S,      M     T

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